Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crazy School

Okay, my school is absoulutley crazy. Seriously. Their bonkers!
Crazy rules at my School:
1) We have Ids that were supposed to bring to school & wear around our necks. If you don't have it 6 times in THE WHOLE YEAR your suspended.
2) They banned hugs.
3) If your locker is messy & partially open they evict you & take all your stuff out & put it out in the hallway
4) They also banned high-fives
5) You can't wear flip-flops because they might come off on the stairs
6) If you skip or sing in the hallway you get dettention
7) My french teacher lets you eat in class, but not TALK
8) You can't dye your hair weird colors (blue green pink)
9) This one kid jumped up on the table & started singing 'ms. Burg has a crusty vagina' this one time we had a sub, and they didn't care but if your tardy they flip out
10) If you leave your gym lock open the gym teachers take your uniform & won't give it back til you give tem 5$
11) if you haven't got your uniform, they make you sit out and leer at you the whole time
12) when you buy a new ID they give you a temp ID until they've printed a new one out. Then if you forget to give it back for like a day, they call you down to the principal's office and lecture you.

but, don't worry. Were not weirdo kids who follow these rules.
Like, this one time, the principal was lecturing out lunch period when a kid popped a bag. Everyone started screaming at the top of theri lungs & going it's a bomber! It was hilarious.